Healthcare IT Services

Our Healthcare IT solutions are just what the doctor ordered

We utilize our cross-market knowledge in order to empower your organization to reach its peak potential. Our solutions-oriented approach includes customized technical and growth-driven strategies that will protect and enhance your organization’s performance for long term operational efficiency and success.

HIPAA compliance and protecting PHI

We understand how important keeping patient data secure is for your organization. Maintaining the standards for PHI per HIPAA can be a challenge as new technologies emerge. We work with you and your team to develop a streamlined process to help keep your data accessible while maintaining high-security standards. Our process respects the confidentiality of information and takes added measures to ensure privacy when crafting your technical solution.

Evolve with your industry & technology

Technology is ever-evolving, and nowhere is that more evident than in the healthcare world. We understand that time may restrict you from learning all that you can about the latest EHR, medical billing software, or patient scheduling application. Commprise frees you from having to worry about your healthcare IT infrastructure and learning new systems so you can focus on your patients and your mission. We will ensure that you have the most up-to-date IT solutions that are right for you. We custom tailor technology solutions to support your organization and help keep you ahead of the curve.

Timely diagnostics and recovery

Downtime, technical issues and cyberattacks can greatly impede your operations. For the safety of your patients and your organization, it is critical to resolve these quickly and ensure prevention moving forward. When an issue does arise, our team of experts have the skills and tools necessary to minimize its impact by significantly limiting downtime to ensure business continuity.

Our top priority is to ensure that you maintain access to all of your practice’s information and patient PHI; allowing you to keep your focus on your patients care.

IT Services for Healthcare

The following are IT services that Commprise offers to the healthcare industry.
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Managed IT

Our all-inclusive IT service that encompasses full management and support of all critical aspects of your firm’s IT such as servers, workstations, network, applications, and more.

Managed Security

Advanced cybersecurity services to help detect and shield your firm from data breaches, ransomware, and other prevalent threats along with satisfying compliance regulations.

Security and Compliance Audits

IT audits to help your firm maintain compliance and to provide analysis about the overall security of your current IT from both the technology and human elements.

Network and Wireless

Complete networking and wireless network implementation, optimization and proactive monitoring to ensure your firm’s network is both speedy and secure.

Features & Benefits

Commprise is a solutions-oriented IT Services Provider
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