IT Security & Compliance Auditing

Our outside expertise and perspective can be invaluble

Why Commprise IT Security & Compliance Audits?

Combining our in-depth IT knowledge and ability, along with our understanding of how organizations function from a business process standpoint, allows Commprise to audit all facets of security related to IT comprehensively.

It’s not just about the technology itself. People and processes play an essential role when it comes to security. The Commprise audit process takes a complete approach to assess your IT security.

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The Commprise Audit Process

Our comprehensive and detailed process yields the results you need.

Step 1: Meet with you and your IT team

Commprise will work to understand your entire environment including all relevant IT infrastructure, software, data, and policies in place.

Step 2: Customize auditing protocol for your organization

We use the information gathered in step 1 to create a custom auditing protocol based on those findings.

Step 3: Conduct the audit

Once a custom audit protocol has been designed, Commprise will return onsite to complete the audit.

Step 4: Summarize findings and develop an actionable IT security strategy

Once the audit is completed, we will prepare a custom report and will present the information to you and your team.

Example Audit Areas

Commprise audits the following IT-related areas in your organization.

server rack

Meeting Your Compliance

Ensuring compliance can often be difficult due to abstract regulations and the ever evolving requirements.

If your organization is required to meet any of the following compliance standards, a Commprise IT security and compliance audit may be ideal for your organization.


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