Networking & Wireless Connections

Why Commprise?

A network is not simply pieces of hardware linked together. The health and connectivity of your network can have an impact on the quality and efficiency of your operations. A proper network layout and configuration will optimize accessibility, speed, reliability, scalability, all while maintaining the highest levels of security. 

We use our experience and expertise to ensure that all important items are considered and a proper solution is put into place.

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Core Components of our Network & Wireless Solution

Next-gen firewall

Helps to protect the entire network against threats that exist while ensuring internet/network speed never slows you down.

Managed switching

Ensures a speedy, optimized network, prioritizing certain types of data traffic, for optimal performance.

Wireless access points

Placed and configured to ensure effective, speedy wi-fi for internal users, along with segmented guest access.

DNS level protection/filtering

Most malicious websites (links in an email, hijacked websites, etc.) will be outright blocked before ever reaching your network.

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Network Administration & Monitoring

An overall focus on limiting potential downtime is a core principle behind everything we do here at Commprise.

We are monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We will create and maintain a detailed network diagram specific to your company. This enables us to proactively assist with things like troubleshooting any potential issues. We can make sure critical updates to the firewall are properly installed and functioning and then scale/make changes in the future. We will implement new traffic rules and adjust any important security and access protocols as needed.

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