Microsoft 365 is a productivity suite of applications and service offerings designed to help you accomplish more. There are different plans available for this service, including family subscriptions, personal subscriptions, business-level subscriptions, but this article will be focusing on the business and enterprise levels.

Core Microsoft 365 Features

  • Cloud Services — delivers a suite of productivity apps like Word, Excel, and Microsoft Teams and also additional cloud and security services. 
  • SharePoint — enables your business to store and access business files from devices with ease. You can even share files with people outside your organization.
  • Security — Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security is a robust platform that comes with its own suite of products like Microsoft Intune, Azure Information Protection, and more. It provides a level of security designed to deliver greater detection, protection, and response.
  • Microsoft Editor — actively suggests grammatical and spelling corrections to make writing clearer and more concise.
  • Advanced Audit — include long-term retention of audit logs, access to crucial events for investigations, high bandwidth access to the Office 365 Management activity API, the ability to search for Mail Items Accessed audit records, and the ability to manage audit log retention policies.
  • Mobile Device Management — access to Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) service. This feature also helps you manage your fleet of Windows 10 PCs, not just mobile devices.
  • Infrastructure (Azure) — uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for user ID management behind the scenes.
  • Available Across Platform — Rather than being limited to PC, Microsoft 365 is available for use across platforms, including Mac, IOS, and Android. Some of its applications are even available on Linux devices.

What Apps and Services Come with Microsoft 365?

With Microsoft 365, your company gains access to some of the best productivity apps on the market.

Microsoft 365 Office Apps

  • Word — word processing program available for Windows and Mac devices.
  • Excel — generate spreadsheets from scratch or templates with ease.
  • PowerPoint — This application is Microsoft’s slide presentation program.
  • OneNote — A free-form note-taking program that allows you to write in Ink with the Surface Pen.
  • Access (PC only) — a database management solution designed specifically for the Windows operating system with personalization features.
  • Publisher (PC only) — a desktop publishing program for Windows.

Email and Calendar

  • Contacts — you can view, write, and send emails.
  • Exchange — business-class email service for outgoing and incoming mail.
  • Bookings — allows for easy scheduling and management of appointments for your business.


  • Teams — a hub for your organization’s internal team collaboration, chats, calls, and meetings.
  • Yammer — a collaboration tool that helps to improve engagement and connection.

Files & Content

  • OneDrive — file sharing and storage application.
  • Sharepoint — share and manage data, content, news, and other resources.
  • Lists — tracking information and organization in a simpler, smarter, and more flexible process.
  • Stream — a secure video service app that allows your organization to create videos and events.
  • Sway — makes it easy for you to design interactive reports, newsletters, presentations, etc.

Task Management

  • Power Apps — create workflows, apps and custom rich forms that help streamline your various business processes.
  • Power Automate — automate workflows, connect processes, and enable business logic to streamline tasks for increased productivity.
  • Planner — it helps integrate, organize, and simplify task management for employees and teams.
  • To Do — help you manage your to-do list online and across devices.


  • MyAnalytics — an analytics application that helps your workforce gain personal productivity insights to become more efficient and effective.
  • Power BI Pro — enables you to easily share and collaborate with your teams on interactive data visualizations.

Device and Access Management

  • Microsoft Intune — integrated endpoint platform that ensures that all bring-your-own (BYO) and company devices are secure and properly managed.
  • Azure Active Directory Premium —helps move your enterprise to the cloud.

Threat Protection

  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection —cloud-powered insights to protect your organization’s identities from cyberattacks.
  • Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection — provides post-breach detection, preventative protection, automated investigations, and appropriate threat response.

Microsoft 365 Information Protection and Compliance

  • Azure Information Protection P1 — helps your organization control and secure business emails, documents, and other sensitive company data. It also allows for simple classification, embedded labels and permissions, and uses Azure Information protection to keep your data secure.
  • Cloud App Security — A Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that allows you to secure your cloud environment and deal with cyber threats.
  • Compliance Solutions — Microsoft Compliance Solutions allows you to assess compliance risks while governing and protecting critical data.

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