Is your company ready and able to transition into the new world of remote work? As with any IT project, it’s crucial to assess your company’s current capabilities, business objectives, and the cost/benefits of implementation.

1 – Identify Business Objectives and Budgets

  • First, is the purpose of the transition to save on capital expenditures? To increase remote capabilities and achieve greater overall flexibility and/or security?
  • Then, what does your company expect to spend to make this happen?
  • Finally, if the cost/benefit ratio for the project is clearly favorable, how much of your budget could be allocated to the initiative? 

2 – Infrastructure Inventory and Workflow Analysis

The results will serve as a benchmark and roadmap for what improvements will get the most out of working remotely.

  • To start, what hardware and software technologies do you currently use and their capacities? Is any of your hardware or software due for upgrades or replacing?
  • How do communications, files, and other data flow through your company?
  • Then, do your communications require people to be on-premise? Can any activities be conducted remotely without compromising?

3 – Solutions Consideration and Cost/Benefit Analysis

Finally, here is where specific vendors and solutions are identified.

  • First, which of your current technologies can you upgrade or modify?
  • Any new technologies to implement?
  • What financial and productivity trade-offs would these have?
  • Total cost ownership of the various solutions?
  • Could productivity be hampered during the implementation?
  • To conclude, do these improvements align with existing or planned expenditures

It’s important to note that businesses often bring in an external entity for this kind of assessment, rather than tasking their internal teams.

An external opinion also helps improve the objectivity and accuracy of any assessments and analyses. External teams have fewer ties to existing systems and have the skill and capacity to dedicate the time and focus needed to make an appropriate assessment.

Manage Your Transition to Remote Work

If you decide that managing the transition of this scale on top of your current workload is simply too much, use our Managed IT and Network ServicesInstead of offering a one-size-fits-all service, we meet you where you are to design custom-built IT solutions that will fit your unique business needs.

Of course, our Network Services not only maintain a high-speed network but also provide next-gen firewall and DNS level protection/filtering, so no more worrying your employees stumbling upon potentially malicious websites when working away from the office. The idea of working remotely is becoming more widely accepted and expected by the modern workforce. We’ll make sure your company’s IT is able to stay ahead of this trend.