Networking & Wireless Connections

The highway of your IT operations

A properly configured network is a critical component of IT security. Your network is the main infrastructure that facilitates access and provides connectivity for all of your local resources such as servers, workstations, files, printers, phones, etc.

Not only that, but it is also vital to ensuring unimpeded access to connect the above mentioned local resources to the internet, to access cloud applications, email, voice, etc.

Why Commprise Network & Wireless?

A network is not simply pieces of hardware linked together. The health and connectivity of your network can have an impact on the quality and efficiency of your operations. A deliberate thought process goes into proper network layout and configuration to best optimize accessibility, speed, reliability, scalability; all while maintaining the highest levels of security. Even smaller networks can benefit from this kind of thoughtful and detailed approach.

Commprise utilizes its experience and expertise to ensure that all important items with regard to your network infrastructure are considered and a proper solution is put into place.

Core Components of our Network & Wireless Solution

Am organization’s network is comprised of several different components.

Commprise can implement, administer and monitor your network infrastructure.

Next-gen firewall

Helps to protect your entire network against the many different kinds of threats that exist while ensuring internet/network speed and efficiency isn’t impeded.

Managed switching

Ensures a speedy and traffic optimized network, taking into account the necessity to prioritize certain types of data traffic, such as voice (phone) for optimal performance.

Wireless access points

Placed and configured to ensure effective, speedy wireless coverage throughout your location; both for internal users along with segmented guest access for security and convenience.

DNS level protection/filtering

This means that most malicious websites (links in an email, hijacked websites, etc.) will be outright blocked before ever reaching your network.

Network Administration & Monitoring

An overall focus on limiting potential downtime so that your operations continue to run unimpeded is a core principle behind everything we do at Commprise. This is no more evident than in our approach to handling your network’s monitoring and administration.

To ensure proper functionality and uptime, proactive 24x7x365 monitoring along with ongoing administration of your network is an integral part of what Commprise provides. A constant view of the entire network provides important insight that enables us to be both proactive to potential issues as well as quickly reactive to any problems that may arise.

Commprise will also create and maintain a detailed network diagram along with documentation about the configuration and specifics of your network, to aid in the ongoing administration. This helps facilitate a better understanding of what is in place to assist with things like troubleshooting any potential issues that arise as well as ensuring easier and quicker ability to scale and make changes in the future.

Additionally, ongoing administration efforts are in place to ensure critical updates to the firewall are properly installed and functioning. Commprise will also implement new traffic rules and adjust any important security and access protocols as needed.

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