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Cybersecurity is no longer just for big companies

In today’s always connected world, digital threats have become highly prevalent and are on the rise. Cyber criminals are not only targeting large organizations either.

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of data breaches are against small businesses
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of SMBs believe they are “too small” to be a target
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increase in authentic and new breaches of small businesses
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of SMBs lack the in-house skills to handle cybersecurity

Why Commprise Managed Security?

Commprise Managed IT Security in Hartford provides the technology, insight and oversight of your organizations’ IT as it relates to security. Utilizing our collective experience and security expertise allows your organization to conduct your business in Connecticut while significantly reducing your overall security risk.

We recognize that security is not only a technology issue; it has a distinct human element as well. Commprise will not only ensure that your technology is always up to date to protect against the latest threats but we will also share security best practice guidelines with your team in the form of security awareness training.


Advanced Threat Detection and Remediation

Detecting and stopping malicious threats like ransomeware from all angles.

Complete cyber security operations center (SOC) services

24x7x365 monitoring of your IT environment such as servers, workstations and firewalls; detecting malicious threats, quickly remediating any attack and quickly rolling back files to previous safe versions.

Next-generation endpoint security & threat detection

Promptly identifies thousands of viruses and malware attack variants, including ransomware attacks, as well as the underlying cause of these malicious behaviors.

Advanced email protection

Email security, continuity and compliance in a single cloud platform. Filtering out things like ransomware, phishing attacks and spam but also providing you with email encryption, data loss prevention and email archiving.

Next-gen managed firewall & Network Security Monitoring

Powerful deep learning and intrusion prevention combined with full visibility into risky activity, suspicious traffic, and advanced threats.

Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

Aggregate crtical log and event data from your systems.

Monitoring and analysis

Monitoring and analysis Monitor key log files to identify events that may be malicious, while providing additional security and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Advanced reporting for compliance

Daily reports and threat analysis outlines for three regulatory standards: HIPAA, PCI and NIST-800, to provide appropriate audit trails for regulatory compliance.

Preventative IT Security Measures

Proactively scan for potential weak points and ensure your employees are educated on their important role with regard to your organization’s cybersecurity.

Vulnerability management

Identify system and network vulnerabilities for the purpose of classifying, prioritizing and remediating any current issues and mitigating any potential future ones through best practice security protocols.

Security awareness training

Comprehensive training designed to educate you and your employees about security threats, and how to avoid them on an ongoing basis.

Don’t Be Complacent When it Comes to Your IT Security in Hartford CT

Data breaches, intrusions and ransomware are far more common than most people realize. Every day there are new breaches and ransomware infections; not a big corporations, but small and mid-sized organizations. The large breaches like Equifax make the news, but smaller organizations are more at risk given their typically weaker and more limited security.

You don’t have to be specifically targetted. Many people think that they have to be specifically targetted for a breach. This is not the case. Malcious emails, malware and vuneralbility exploits can be launched at a grand scale encompessing thousands of organizations and targets within all at once. The success rate doesn’t have to be high for these attacks to pay off for cybercriminals; which is why they are so common and consistent.

Commprise is available for cybersecurity consultations for small and mid-sized businesses in Hartford, Connecticut, and the New England area. Don’t wait until after a breach or ransomware attack to reach out.

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