Managed IT Services

Your own team of IT experts at your service

Commprise’s Managed IT Services are a custom-built solution tailored to your unique business needs and challenges. Each company has a unique IT environment and unique sets of challenges. Each solution we prepare is centered around what will work best for your organization.

Our mission is to deliver a top to bottom IT solution that gives you the right solution and the best value for your dollar.

Why Commprise Managed IT?

Technology is often undervalued as an asset in fully supporting business goals. The truth is, mismanaged IT can lead to significant decreases in operational efficiency, productivity, and overall return.

At Commprise, we work closely with you to develop a process to optimize IT’s impact on your organization’s growth. Unlike other MSP’s who offer pre-packaged services by industry, our company utilizes our cross-market knowledge to develop original solutions that empower your business to achieve its full potential.

Primary Features of our Managed IT

Managed IT can encompass many facets of your technology. Below are some of the main areas our managed IT service focuses on.

Workstation Management

24×7 NOC service, remote monitoring, rapid remote remediation, patch & update management advanced threat detection & protection.

Server Management

24×7 NOC service, remote monitoring, rapid remote remediation, patch & update management advanced threat detection & protection, maintain group policy and active directory.

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

Backup and recovery planning, enhanced RTO’s and RPO’s, ransomware detection.

Network Management

Monitoring and management of firewalls, switches, wireless, connectivity.

Email Security

Ransomware/malware detection & prevention, phishing & spear phishing detection, email sandboxing, 10 year archive, encryption, data loss prevention.

End User Support

End user help desk, support of user applications, hardware, email.


Regular business reviews, dashboard view of IT, ticket analytics, consulting and IT planning.

Vendor Management

Maintain relationships with third-party application and technology vendors, liason for technical issues.

Security Focused Approach

Cybersecurity is no longer something only large companies require. All organizations, small and large are potential targets in our technologicallt centric world. Commprise keeps up to date on the latest threats and security best practice protocols so that you can focus on the mission critical aspects of your day to day operations. Our layered security approach is built to keep you protected from the various threats and cover you from all points of entry. We implement the highest standard solutions based on your needs to keep you secure without inhibiting productivity or accessibility.

Actionable Data via Reporting

Providing you a dashboard view into your IT keeps you involved and allows you to understand how we are addressing the challenges you face. Commprise will provide you with regular business reviews, meetings with your team and ours to discuss strategies and review the reports that matter to you. We will help to continue to build upon your IT roadmap and plan for what is coming over the next month and over the coming years.

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