IT Security & Compliance Auditing

Our outside expertise and perspective can be invaluble

The Commprise IT Security & Compliance Audit provides a full review of security as it relates to IT. This includes systems, networks, and data. The audit is conducted in a manner that is in line with IT security best practices and industry standards. Additional compliance regulations are taken into account when relevant to a client’s industry.

The overall goal of the audit is to achieve a more in-depth understanding of your IT environment and to clearly document and explain any potential security weaknesses, both in terms of hardware and software, but also in terms of practice and policy.

Why Commprise IT Security & Compliance Audits?

Our technological expertise lends itself well to auditing IT security. Combining our in-depth IT knowledge and ability, along with our understanding of how organizations function from a business process standpoint, allows Commprise to comprehensively audit all facets of security as it relates to IT.

It’s not just about the technology itself. People and processes play an important role when it comes to security. The Commprise audit process takes a complete approach to assessing your IT security.

The Commprise Audit Process

Our comprehensive and detailed process yields the results you need.

Step 1: Meet with you and your IT team

During this meeting, Commprise will work to understand your entire environment including all relevant IT infrastructure, software, data, and policies in place. Specific compliance regulations will also be discussed if they are required.

Step 2: Customize auditing protocol for your organization

Each organization is different, as such, a custom protocol allows Commprise to ensure that the audit achieves maximum impact. We use the information gathered in step 1 to create a custom auditing protocol based on those findings.

Step 3: Conduct the audit

Once a custom audit protocol has been designed, Commprise will return onsite to complete the audit. This is done without any IT team or IT provider present to ensure an unencumbered and transparent process.

Step 4: Summarize findings and develop an actionable IT security strategy

Once the audit is completed, Commprise will prepare detailed documentation outlining its findings along with any actionable information and present the information to you and your team.

Example Audit Areas

Commprise audits the following IT-related areas in your organization.

Meeting Your Compliance

Ensuring compliance can often be difficult due to abstract regulations and the ever evolving requirements.

If your organization is required to meet any of the following compliance standards, a Commprise IT security and compliance audit may be ideal for your organization.

Maintaining Secure IT is Critical

Cybersecurity is no longer something only large companies require. All organizations, small and large are potential targets in our technologically centric world. Commprise keeps up to date on the latest threats and security best practice protocols so that you can focus on the mission-critical aspects of your day to day operations. An IT security and compliance audit is the most effective way to ensure your organization doesn’t fall behind its security obligations.

Actionable Data via Reporting

When issues are found, clients will be provided with actionable information to rectify any shortcomings. A full report will be prepared once the audit is complete and Commprise will review the report with all relevant parties. Additionally, Commprise can work to assist with rectifying any issues, provide additional services or simply consult further.

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