When people think of keyboard shortcuts, the ones that typically come to mind are basics like CTRL+Z (undo) or CTRL+F (find). However, Outlook has its own set of powerful shortcuts that can save you precious time. Here are some essential Outlook-specific shortcuts:

Forward Emails as Attachments

When you need to preserve every detail of an email while forwarding it, you can send it as an attachment. This method retains all the original metadata, which is especially useful for troubleshooting or legal purposes.

Manage Your Rules in Outlook

Outlook’s rules function elevates your email management to new levels of convenience and efficiency. For example:

Send Emails to Undisclosed Recipients

When you need to email a group without revealing their addresses to each other, use the “Undisclosed Recipients” feature. This ensures privacy for all recipients.

Task Management

Outlook isn’t just for emails; it’s also a powerful task management tool. You can create and manage personal task lists, share tasks with team members, and even delegate tasks. Outlook allows you to assign tasks to others and receive notifications when they are completed, streamlining team productivity.

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