What Happens if Data Security is Breached?

If your data security is breached, the damage could be severe.  The criminals who broke through your data security will have access to your customer’s private payment information, thus exposing them to credit card fraud.  If the criminals managed to breach your security, there’s little reason to believe they’d stop their looting at cardholder data, […]

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

One of the biggest causes of frustration in today’s businesses is a lack of internal document organization. While precise guidelines and processes should exist for onboarding, security protocols, and department-specific policies, many companies still lack appropriate levels of documentation that could save tons of hours and frustration.  It’s reported that only about 4% of companies commit […]

The OSI Model and How it’s Used in IT Services

What is the OSI seven-layer network model? The OSI model stands for Open Systems Interconnection. Think of it as a conceptual framework that breaks down the functions of a networking system in a way that sets a standard and is easy to understand. So instead of having to comprehend all sorts of highly technical computing […]

Why is Data Encryption Needed For Your Business?

Why is data encryption necessary? The purpose of data encryption is to maintain the confidentiality of your data regardless of whether it is in storage devices, on computer systems, or while being transmitted through public or private networks. So long as your data is well encrypted, any cybercriminal who manages to get past your IT […]

Key Considerations for Your Business IT Policy

Core Components of IT Policy With the benefits in mind, let’s cover some core areas you should address in your organization’s IT policy. We can only offer general guidelines and considerations as the particulars will depend entirely on your company’s unique needs. These key considerations will guide you as you create your IT policy framework. […]

IT Systems and Data Failover Solutions For Business Continuity

A failover solution is related more to business continuity than disaster recovery. However, some failover solutions like Datto’s SIRIS device provide integrated continuity and disaster recovery options. Hardware Failover The Datto SIRIS device is a perfect example of a hardware failover solution. If one of your critical servers fails, your SIRIS device can create a […]

Implementing a Remote Workforce: SaaS, VPN, and The Cloud

First, it’s important to consider the three levels of converting to a remote workforce: Saas, VPN, and the cloud. Then, before making any changes, your business should ask: The costs of implementation and maintenance? After cost, are there tools you need to learn? Then, any new workflows would need to be developed? Will you allow […]

Lesser-known Ways to Use Microsoft Outlook

Keyboard Shortcuts When people think of keyboard shortcuts, the ones that typically come to mind are basics like CTRL+Z or CTRL+F, but Outlook has some shortcuts specific to the application, which can save you some precious time.  Some of these shortcuts include:  Forward Email as an Attachment When you really need to keep every detail of your emails […]

The 3 types of Small-Mid Sized Business Servers and How to Choose

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How do SMB servers work? Small business servers mostly function like traditional PC computers. They maintain similar components like power supplies, CPU, RAM, and most everything else you would expect in your desktop computer.  The features and benefits, however, vary depending on whether they are on-premise, in a data center, or operating in the cloud. […]