BCDR: Business Continuity vs Disaster Recovery

Consider this: If your servers went down today, how long would it take your team to get your business up and running again without a BCDR plan? And, crucially, how much would an hour of lost productivity cost you? For B2B businesses, downtime can damage hard-earned client relationships. For B2C businesses, it can mean silent […]

The 3 types of Small-Mid Sized Business Servers and How to Choose

How Does a Business Server Work? Small business servers function similarly to traditional PCs, with comparable components like power supplies, CPUs, RAM, and other hardware. However, their features and benefits can vary significantly depending on whether they are on-premise, located in a data center, or operating in the cloud.  On-Premise (Dedicated) Servers On-premise servers, often […]

Supply Chain as the Achilles’ Heel of Cybersecurity

As businesses increasingly rely on technology to streamline operations and connect with customers, the vulnerability of their supply chains to cyber threats becomes more apparent. In this blog post, we will go into how supply chains serve as the Achilles’ heel of IT security and explore real-life examples of supply chain breaches that have rocked […]

Balancing Flexibility and Security in Remote Work Policies for SMBs

The concept of remote work policies is not new, but it has become more prevalent in recent times due to advancements in technology and changes in employee expectations. According to a survey by Global Workplace Analytics, the number of people working remotely at least half of the time has grown by 115% since 2005. This […]

IT Systems and Data Failover Solutions For Business Continuity

Businesses rely heavily on their IT systems and data to keep operations running smoothly. But what happens when disaster strikes and your system experiences a data failover? With the increasing risk of cyber-attacks, natural disasters, hardware failures, and human errors, it has become imperative for organizations to have a solid plan in place to ensure […]

A Brief History of Phishing and Business IT Risk

Decorative blue image of a lock representing security against phishing emails

Businesses face a myriad of security threats, but perhaps none as insidious as phishing. Imagine a threat that can silently infiltrate your organization, slipping through defenses unnoticed, and wreaking havoc with just a single click. It lurks in emails, text messages, mysterious phone calls, and unsolicited visitors. And as technology evolves, it evolves as well.  […]

Outdated Data Security Practices and Misconceptions

Decorative blue image of a lock

The history of data security reflects a constant arms race between security measures and threats, with innovation driving both sides forward. Some businesses have grown alongside the technology advancements and adapted over time. Others have fallen prey to misconceptions and continue to hold onto outdated security practices. These habits and refusal to adapt are putting […]

Understanding Compliance Risks for SMBs

In the rapidly evolving digital era, Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) find themselvesnavigating a complex landscape filled with opportunities and challenges. One of the significantchallenges that SMBs face is ensuring compliance in the digital realm. As the stakes growhigher and regulations become more stringent, understanding compliance risks becomes pivotalfor the sustained success and reputation of […]