The Insider Threat – Neglected Dimension of Cybersecurity

There is one aspect of cybersecurity that often gets overlooked – the insider threat. While we must often focus on combatting external hackers and malware, it’s important not to forget about the potential dangers posed by those within our own organizations. Here, we’ll explore the often neglected dimension of cybersecurity – the insider threat – […]

A Complete Guide to CMMC 2.0 for Your Business

In 2023, Microsoft Threat Intelligence posted a warning to businesses that contract with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD): “Microsoft has observed the Iranian nation-state actor Peach Sandstorm attempting to deliver a newly developed backdoor named FalseFont to individuals working for organizations in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) sector.” This stark reminder underscores the relentless […]

Outdated Data Security Practices and Misconceptions

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The history of data security reflects a constant arms race between security measures and threats, with innovation driving both sides forward. Some businesses have grown alongside the technology advancements and adapted over time. Others have fallen prey to misconceptions and continue to hold onto outdated security practices. These habits and refusal to adapt are putting […]

The Cost-Effective Defense: Preventing Cyber Threats Before They Strike

When it comes to data breaches, the consequences of a cyber attack via malware can be devastating for businesses of all sizes. In fact, it’s been reported that 35% of all malware was delivered by email. These email compromises cost businesses over $2.7 billion in 2022. Cyber threats are invasive and they’re only getting worse. […]

16 Key Considerations for Your Business IT Policy

A well-defined IT policy serves as the cornerstone for success, ensuring operational efficiency, data security, and seamless technological integration. As businesses evolve and technology advances, it becomes increasingly imperative to establish comprehensive guidelines that govern the use and management of IT resources. Here, we’ll discuss the core components of an effective business IT policy to […]

Why Do Small Businesses Need Servers and Are They Secure?

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There are several reasons why small and medium businesses (SMBs) opt for on-site servers. However, the numbers are decreasing dramatically. In 2023, it was estimated that 55% of small businesses were implementing servers, down from 98% in 2019. While the reasons to do so are important, businesses must understand the responsibilities and risks of choosing […]

Strategies for Navigating Cybersecurity in a Hybrid Work Era


Managing the aftermath of cybercrime can cost a business millions of dollars, highlighting the critical need for robust cybersecurity strategies in today’s workplace. As technology continues to shape how we work, the lines between personal and professional devices blur, creating vulnerabilities that cybercriminals are quick to exploit.  The shift to remote and hybrid work models […]

What Happens if Data Security is Breached?

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Many businesses believe they are doing enough to protect their customer’s data but they are actually following outdated practices and even creating unnecessary vulnerabilities. If your data security is breached, the damage could be severe. What’s at Risk?  When a breach happens, there’s usually more at stake than just customer credit card data. Consider the […]

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Ensuring Compliance through Cybersecurity Audits

It’s 2024, and cybersecurity is paramount. Businesses are increasingly shifting to digital platforms, and the potential for cyber threats grows. Protecting sensitive data is more crucial than ever.  Cybersecurity is not just about guarding against external threats; it’s also about confidently navigating the intricate web of regulatory compliance. This landscape is ever-evolving, with new rules […]

Protecting Civil Engineering Firms from Cyber Threats

Protecting Civil Engineering Firms from Cyber Threats Protecting the Internet and online computerized systems from attack is a difficult, messy problem. Civil engineering firms face unique challenges in protecting their complex projects and sensitive data. Cybersecurity is harder than building bridges. The embarrassment of headline-grabbing information breaches are just the tip of the iceberg when […]