The OSI Model Layers: What They Are and Why Your Business Should Care

OSI model layers

One of the most frustrating yet relatable experiences shared by almost everyone in this day and age is suddenly finding your internet connection is down… for no apparent reason. When it’s just a matter of not being able to watch your favorite Netflix show, the “no-internet” problem is annoying. A network failure that takes your […]

Understanding Data Encryption and Best Practices

understanding data encryption

While electronic data has only been around for a few decades, encryption is a technology that has existed for thousands of years — evolving from simple symbol replacement ciphers used in ancient Egypt, to the Enigma device, to the incredibly complex algorithms used in modern computing. The advent of Internet communication, cloud storage, and modern […]

What is SharePoint, and How Can it Help Your Business?

What is SharePoint

One of the biggest causes of frustration in businesses today comes from a lack of internal document organization.  While clear guidelines and processes should exist for things like onboarding, security protocols, and department-specific policies, many companies still lack appropriate levels of documentation that could save tons of hours and frustration.  It’s reported that only about […]

Is Microsoft Defender Enough for small business IT security? No, But There’s More to it.

microsoft defender antivirus

Cyberthreats are only becoming more prevalent in our digital world, and the risks posed by these threats are concerning for both individuals and organizations alike.  Computer-related attacks are increasingly the cause of critical data loss for SMBs, costing companies money that could have been saved had proper security measures been put in place.  The nature […]

Cloud Security: What it is and How it Can Help Your Business

cloud security

Nowadays, more and more companies are leaving their on-premise infrastructures and migrating to the cloud for its convenience and flexibility, among other reasons.  But where companies go, cybercriminals inevitably follow. For this reason, the threat of cloud security breaches has become increasingly pertinent in our modern digital age. For instance, in December 2017, an Amazon […]

Understanding PCI Compliance & What it Means For Business

pci compliance

Dealing with compliance issues can be confusing, but they’re an important and necessary aspect of business security. PCI compliance sets the standards and guidelines that companies like yours must use to manage personal data attached to credit cards.  Although unfortunate, credit card fraud is still a prevalent issue around the world. In fact, in the […]

What is Phishing and How Can Your Business Defend Against It?

what is phishing attacks

One of the greatest security risks to your business is one that can slip through your door unnoticed. It lurks in emails, text messages, mysterious phone calls, and unsolicited visitors. And as technology evolves, it evolves as well. The risk? Phishing attacks. Inflicting millions of dollars worth of damage to businesses each year, phishing is […]

Mobile Device Security and Best Practices for Your Small Business

mobile device security for small business

In today’s growing remote working environment, and with the rapid adoption of technology to help businesses do that successfully, mobile device security is vital to keeping personal information and sensitive company data private. In this article, we’ll discuss what mobile device security is, its benefits, common mobile security threats, as well as mobile device management […]

IT Policy: Need to Know Essentials to Protect Your Company

IT policy management across organization

Digital is the name of the game in the modern world, though often companies find themselves operating with IT policies from a bygone era. This millennium, having a robust and up to date IT policy framework isn’t just nice to have; it’s an essential component of ensuring your IT continues to enable smooth operations while […]

What is a Firewall & How Does it Help Protect Your Business?

what is a firewall

Imagine if your business just let any random stranger into your place of work without any sort of vetting or security measures in place.  How long do you think it would take for something to go wrong?  In the same way that you don’t want unknown visitors sneaking into your workplace, you don’t want unauthorized […]